Green energy – sustainable future

Vision of the Organization

The “Armenian Green Technologies Centre” Foundation is one of the leading organizations in the Republic of Armenia in the sphere of renewable energy and energy efficiency, which has a significant contribution in green technologies, renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental approaches/ideas and dissemination of information, research, education and training of professionals, introduction and dissemination of green technologies.”

Mission of the Organization

The mission of the “Armenian Green Technologies Centre” Foundation is:

  • Contribute to improvement and implementation of public policies directed to development of the sector, and formation of culture of application and dissemination of green technologies
  • Contribute to conservation of natural ecosystems, introduction and development of mechanisms for climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Implement public awareness on green technologies efficiency and perceptiveness, ensure public participation in introduction of green technologies by directing those for public and business use
  • Expand the network of organizations and professionals through educational programs, contributing to formation of competitive environment in the sector
  • By own example, demonstrate effectiveness of application of the green technologies in public and business sectors