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Energy efficiency of a kindergarten in Akhuryan community was improved

Energy efficiency of a kindergarten in Akhuryan community was improved                                                                                      

Within the framework of “Green Energy for Green Socio-Economic Progress in Shirak Marz” project, funded by European Union and Austrian Development Cooperation, the project team supported implementation of measures on energy efficiency improvement under Demonstration Projects Activity in the“First Steps” kindergarten of Akhuryan community (the community is inhabited by about 9200 population). The great part of the works was completed in December 2016.

Particularly, 40 low-efficiency lamps were replaced by energy-efficient LED lamps (7 Watt), which resulted in economy of 2000 kWh energy annually (about 100 000 AMD), 2 doors and 12 windows were replaced, as a result of which 1000 m3 natural gas will be saved annually (about 146 000 AMD). The other important change is the installation of hybrid solar PV power plant with capacity of 1.5 kW which produces 2250 kWh energy annually (economy is 100 000 AMD). This complex model has a potential to extend for the kindergarten.

Through anticipated saved means, four children from vulnerable families have an opportunity to attend the community kindergarten without paying the monthly fee. Additionally, the kindergarten has brighter and higher quality light.

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