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In Keti Village Low-Efficiency Street Lamps Are Replaced By Energy-Efficent Led Lamps

In Keti village low-efficiency street lamps are replaced by energy-efficent LED lamps

                                                                                                                                              Within the framework of the project “Green Energy for Green Socio-Economic Progress in Shirak Marz”, funded by European Union and Austrian Development Cooperation, a small grant program is being implemented in 16 communities of Shirak Marz on increasing energy efficiency in public buildings and spaces and applying renewable energy to ease local socio-economic problems. In the frame of this program, in the community of Keti, inhabited by 1100 persons, the street lighting system was improved and extended. Particularly, 57 low-efficiency lamps (400 Watt) were replaced by energy-efficient LED lamps (70 Watt). As a result, the payments for electricity for the street lighting system is 5 times less than for the previous one. Through expected saved means (about 1.2 million AMD annually) a revolving fund will be created, which will be directed to enlarging the street lighting network and its operational hours as well as for other social needs of the community (e.g. inter-community roads construction, irrigation system development etc.). Furthermore, it is important to mention that the lifetime of LED lamps is 5-6 times longer, thus reducing the need for frequent replacements. Also, the street LED lighting has brighter/high quality light, allowing increased visibility for pedestrians (e.g. schoolchildren) and drivers.

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