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On friday 12 May 2017, the “Armenian Green Technologies Center” located in Gyumri was officially opened



On Friday 12 May 2017, the “Armenian Green Technologies Center” located in Gyumri was officially opened. The Center has been financed by grants from the European Union and the Austrian Development Cooperation.

The actual work has been led by Hilfswerk Austria International in partnership with four Armenian non-governmental organizations – “Development Solutions Institute” Foundation, “Biosophia”, “Ferti” and “Third Nature”. AGTC is located at 14 home, K. Demirchyan 3rd lane, Gyumri, Shirak region where the Opening Ceremony took place on May 12 at 11:00.

The Armenian Green Technologies Center (AGTC) is a newly established foundation to promote Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, concentrating the long-standing experience of its founding partners in implementing “green” projects throughout Armenia, particularly in Shirak Marz. The Center intends to serve as a platform for know-how open to all citizens, organizations, businesses and public institutions Energy in Shirak Marz and beyond that wish to learn more about Green.

The Center was established within the framework of the “Green Energy for Green Socio-Economic Progress in Shirak Marz” project funded by the European Union and Austrian Development Cooperation. The project was designed to reduce social and economic hardship of the rural population and rural communities in Shirak region of Armenia by introducing renewable (“green”) energy and energy-saving measures.

The Opening Ceremony took place at the Center in Gyumri, which was also showcase how renovations can be done with energy-efficient standards. The center is energy-neutral (no cost for electricity, heating and light) due to installation of photovoltaic, solar and other “smart” devices.
During the Opening Ceremony visitors had an opportunity to learn about the work of and support offered by the Center and to obtain information on a variety of larger “green” technologies (e.g. “cool storage – warm house”, “solar fruit dryer”, “solar milk pasteurizer”, “solar LED”) displayed at the Center in the form of working demonstration models. The center is currently focusing on larger-scale installations to serve communities and some of these have already introduced in communities in Shirak Marz by the Center.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of state, regional and local authorities, donors, international financial organizations, other civil society organizations and the media․

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