Green energy – sustainable future

The goals of the Foundation are to:
  • Promote the development of green technologies aimed at their implementation and improvement of public policies
  • Promote the development and expansion of green technology culture
  • Promote the conservation of natural ecosystems as well as the introduction and development of mechanisms climate change mitigation and adaptation of climate change
  • Introduce the efficiency and perspectives of green technologies to the public, hence involving the public to invest into green technologies directing towards public and business use
  • Expand the network of organizations and professionals through educational programs contributing to the establishment of the competitive environment
  • Show the efficiency of implementation of green technologies with the example of the foundation itself
  • Promote innovation and the introduction of advanced technologies
  • Advance green technologies in Armenia and promote the industry
The objectives of the Foundation are to:
  • Expand the public awareness of green technologies and society at large, to incorporate these technologies in the production, investment and application
  • Greatly expand the number of professionals in the industry, to regularly update about the innovations and new technologies in the field of green technology
  • Increase in the number businesses operating in the sector and contribute to the development of a competitive environment
  • Promote the development and introduction of new technologies in the field of green technology
  • Make regulatory decisions, draft laws and propose those to the corresponding authorities
  • Execute lobbying and advocacy
  • Promote urban development, urban economy, industry and other sectors of the economy of innovation, including the introduction of energy saving technologies
  • Activities aimed at the restoration and preservation of the environment and natural ecosystems
  • Promote the development and introduction of innovative, advanced technologies in rural farms
  • Support the introduction and application of green technologies and principles of sustainable agriculture in rural areas
  • Support the conservation of natural ecosystems and the environment in rural areas
  • Insure environmentally clean and safe production of agricultural products
  • Provide assistance to small and medium-sized businesses in order to develop agricultural products and raw materials, production and processing in rural communities
  • Provide organizational and professional consulting in the field of green technology
  • Implement measures and programs aimed at improving of economic and social situation among rural population
  • Undertake educational-methodical activities, staff training and training aimed at increasing the level of qualification, training programs, organization of workshops and conferences
  • International cooperation arising from the statutory objectives for the introduction of best practices in Armenia

See full version of the “Armenian Green Technologies Centre” Foundation here.