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Installation of “Solar Fruit Dryer – Hot Water Supply – Partial Heating” Combined System in Byurakn Community, Amasia Region

The project is implemented based on the contract signed on 29.01.2016 by “Ferti Charitable Center” NGO (the donor), Byurakn community administration (the recipient), Local Women Council in Byurakn (the user) and Shirak Marzpetaran (the observer). The investment amount is 3.4 million AMD. Byurakn community implemented reconstruction works of the administration building events hall.

Photos of the system installed in Byurakn community

Goal: to remedy social issues of Byurakn community. Installation of “Solar fruit convectional dryer – Hot water supply – Partial heating” combined system.
Technical description of the system: The energy sources of the system are three collectors (accumulators): solar, vacuum, and pressure (each with 30 tubes and 150 liters capacity). The storage tanks of the collectors are equipped with a 1.7 kW electric heaters, which enables to use the system during sunless days, and if necessary in 24/7 mode.

The dryer represents a wooden double-layer box with a metal base built by the AGTC, to which 100-150 kg of fresh fruit can be loaded. One cycle (duration 1-3 days depending on the products to be dried) generates 20 to 30 kg of dried products. The quality of fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs and other edible plants dried in this system incomparably exceeds the quality of products dried in traditional open-air method (which lasts 5 to 15 days).

It is possible to simultaneously connect the system to the hot water supply and heating systems, for partial heating of the community administration building and hot water supply (e.g. for a shower public unit).The system is equipped with aluminum batteries and polypropylene tubes.

The principal scheme of the system installed in Byurakn community

Economic benefits: 6400 kWh of thermal energy will be produced annually. The use of the solar convectional dryer enables to produce at least 1-1.5 tons of dried fruit, berries and vegetables annually. The revenue will be equal to about 1,000,000 AMD per year. The dryer will be also used for drying medicinal herbs, which are quite common in the community. It is expected to bring even more economic profits. The “Solar fruit dryer – Hot water supply – Partial heating” system will be mainly managed by the Women’s council, but is accessible to all the 240 local enterprises. Environmental benefits: It is expected to reduce the emitted CO2 greenhouse gases with 1,3 tons annually.
Social benefits:

  • Provision of dried fruit to needy families and preschool institutions of the community
  • Heating of the events hall of the community administration building (about 24 events are held annually) and free use of the public shower unit for needy families of the community