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Installation of 3 kWh Solar Photoelectric Station Operating Parallel (Synchronized) to Power Transmission Grid in Jrapi Community, Ani Region

The project is implemented based on the contract signed on 29.10.2015 by “Ferti Charitable Center” NGO (the donor), Jrapi community (the recipient), and Shirak Marzpetaran (the observer). The investment amount is 4,3 million AMD. Jrapi community implemented supplementary construction works.

Photos of the System Installed in Jrapi Community

Goal: To remedy social issues of Jrapi community. Installation of 3 kW solar photoelectric station operating parallel (synchronized) to power transmission grid, supply community street lightning.
Technical description of the system: The solar photoelectric stations, which operate in parallel with the transmission network, are intended for transmission of electrical energy generated by solar system to the electricity network. The generated electricity by means of network inverters transforms to variable voltage frequency of 50 Hz. The quantity of the generated electric energy is fixed through a bilateral electricity meter (the meter records the positive or negative differences of transformed electrical energy at the exit of the power consumer and inverter. The latter is due to the power differences consumed by the power consumers and generated at the exit from the inverter.)

Economic benefits: The system generates annually about 4 500 kWh electric energy (equal to 210 000 AMD based on current average energy costs). The model has a great potential for further widespread application.

The principal scheme of the system installed in Jrapi community

Environmental benefits: It is expected to reduce the emitted CO2 greenhouse gases with 2,0 tons annually.

Social benefits:

  • The solar photovoltaic system will save the expenditures on community street lightening. The savings will be used to ensure full and free water supply to at least five socially vulnerable families of the village (approximately 5 000 AMD monthly per family).
  • Increased convenience in the community street lightening system