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Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Panels to Increase Energy Efficiency of Porch and Internal Lightening of a Kindergarten in Akhuryan Community

The project is implemented based on the contract signed on 02.05.2016 by “Ferti Charitable Center” NGO (the donor), Akhuryan community administration (the recipient), and Shirak Marzpetaran (the observer). The investment amount is 5.34 million AMD. Akhuryan community contributed to the investment with the amount of 1.15 million AMD.

Photos of the system installed in Akhuryan community


Goal: to remedy social issues of Akhuryan community. The system is aimed to provide part of the electrical energy required for lighting of Akhuryan community kindergarten. Installation of solar photovoltaic panels (1,5 kW power), replacement of incandescent lamps with LED energy efficient lamps, installation of 2 (two) doors and 12 (twelve) windows at the entrance of the kindergarten.

The principal scheme of the system installed in Akhuryan community

Technical description of the system: 6 photovoltaic panels of 250W capacity are used. The solar panels are installed on the kindergarten roof under 30 angle to the horizon towards south. Solar energy through photovoltaic panels is transformed to direct electrical energy. The generated electrical energy by means of hybrid inverter is transformed to alternating current of 220 V, 50Hz and is used for the kindergarten needs or for batteries loading. The energy accumulated in batteries is used during sunless days. In case the self-generated free energy runs out, the energy from electric networks is automatically used.
Economic benefits: On average, the system produces 150-200 kWh of electricity per month (this equals to annually about 2 250 kWh or about 105 000 AMD). This model has a great potential for widespread application both based on the self-generation of electric energy and the use of LED lamps.
Environmental benefits: It is expected to reduce the emitted CO2 greenhouse gases with 1,0 tons annually. (Based purely on the photovoltaic panels it is possible to replace 40 incandescent lamps (60W) with LED lamps (7W), and in case of the use of energy from electric networks, the energy efficiency should be added as well).
Social benefits:

  • The savings due to the implementation of RES will allow 4-5 children from disadvantaged families to attend kindergarten free of charge.
  • Increased convenience of the lightening in the kindergarten group rooms.

Below are presented previously undertaken RES and EE projects within the program “Green energy for green socio-economic progress” aimed at minimizing social and economic hardship of the rural population and rural communities in Shirak region of Armenia by promoting multi-purpose renewable energy systems and “green” income-generation sources”.